From "Daylight Materialization and Psychic Power"  James Jacob Dickson

The Technique of Daylight Materialization
As Explained by AMY MARSHALL

From the Spirit World point of view, she explains the technique of daylight materialization

Based on years of experience and information received from the Spirit collaborators of Rev. James J. Dickson, San Francisco materialization medium, whose daylight phenomena marks a distinctive epoch in the annals of psychic science and Modern Spiritualism. Spiritualism in all its phases, continues to push forward the frontiers of man's knowledge!

Through Spiritualism's phenomenal phase known as Daylight Materialization, it has attracted world-wide attention and attained unquestionable scientific status, for one of the tenets of science is, that what is held to be true should be capable of proof. The religion of Spiritualism holds that man as an individual survives the incident called "death," retains his personality and memory intact, and returns in Spirit form to give mortal man evidence (phenomena), and knowledge (philosophy), of Life Eternal. The Spirit World proves the assertions of Spiritualism, through mediumship.

The materializing mediumship of the Rev. James J. Dickson, Pastor of The Spiritualist Church of Revelation in San Francisco, California, has unfolded to such an extraordinary extent, that Spirits usually seen in softened light can now, under proper conditions, be seen in daylight! Yes, through the  world-renowned mediumship of Rev. Dickson, Spirits materialize in full form in daylight and converse with their loved ones of earth, whether in his public or private seances, or while he is visiting socially with friends. What greater proof of Eternal Life could be desired ?

Daylight Materializations are not new to many of the Rev. Dickson's followers, for in the half-century that he has been giving his public and private materializing seances such daylight manifestations through his psychic power have been reported innumerable times at his public church meetings.

In one of our meetings a daylight manifestation was reported that occurred in the downtown offices of the well-known Dr. Joseph G. Lehner, while his friend, Carl Schyberg, was present.

Dr. Lehner said: "Carl and I were pleased when the Rev. Dickson called at my office one afternoon, and while we three were talking, the voice of Juanita (guide of the Rev. Dickson), came to us from across the room near the windows."

The doctor said they turned in that direction and there she stood! (While he was relating the incident, the deep emotion which filled him was evident in his voice). Dr. Lehner continued: "I shall never forget how beautiful Juanita looked in the daylight. The pink robe she wore revealed the soft contour of her lovely Spirit form, and her lustrous dark hair, caught back on the right side of her face by a cluster of flowers, hung in soft waves below her shoulders. As she said 'Juanita' she smiled and extended her graceful arms and hands. Then, as we silently watched, she blended into the afternoon light."

During another public meeting at the Church Mr. Schyberg told of a daylight materialization which happened when the Rev. Dickson, Dr. Joseph G. Lehner, Richard Cichtermann and he were sunbathing at the San Francisco beach:

"We were lying on the sand in our trunks in a secluded nook, enjoying the sunshine," he said, "when we were startled by the voice of the Spirit, Minnie Brown, (the Rev. Dickson's cabinet guide), who asked: 'Can all of you see me?' From our recumbent positions we looked up," said Mr. Schyberg, "and there was beautiful little Minnie standing on the sandy beach nearby. Her Spirit form and garments glistened in the sunshine until she faded into its brilliant rays."

The great, and continued response from all parts of the world, following publication of the account of the Rev. Dickson's daylight materializing seances and the phenomenal pictures taken in bright light (by flashlight), in the October 25, 1950 issue of PSYCHIC OBSERVER, indicates the great desire for knowledge of Daylight Materialization, and has prompted the writing of this article. Such knowledge, can only come from those who present the manifestations, namely: our own Spirit loved ones, and the Rev. Dickson's Spirit guides, Minnie Brown and Juanita.

Many times in the years that the Rev. Dickson has been before the public, the Spirit, Juanita, has materialized and lectured independently on Materialization, through his mediumship, so that persons who have heard her, have knowledge of it. Because many have not had that privilege, and because of the above-mentioned desire for such knowledge, the following few highlights on Materialization are given:

"There is no phase of mediumship more unique than Spirit Materialization," said Juanita, "and no meeting more sacred that a materializing seance. Such seances give those who seek, an opportunity to hear, see and speak with their Spirit loved ones face-to-face, thus proving that Life is Eternal."

Juanita has said: "Nothing is more of a reality than Spirit Materialization, but when we begin to explain how Spirits materialize we enter the Realm of the infinite, for the entire phase of Materialization involves spirit laws, not relative to man's material world, as well as physical laws." And, she continued: "Materialization should be within the comprehension of all mankind. It is a deplorable fact that it is not, because of the ignorance in which the majority of mankind slumber."

"Daylight Materialization," said Juanita, "is Materialization at its zenith. And, of course, in the Rev. Dickson's daylight seances which have brought him global attention, as well as in all of his materializing seances in softened light, neither his voice, brain nor body are used, the form and voice belong to the manifesting Spirit alone. And this was clearly demonstrated by the Spirit, Minnie Brown, cabinet guide of the Rev. Dickson, when he called, recently, upon Dr. M. A. Bulman, writer and student of psychic science. The remarkable demonstration was told by the doctor and the doctor's sister, Nellie, at a public meeting of our Church, The Spiritualist Church of Revelation in San Francisco, California.

"One afternoon last week," said the doctor, "the doorbell rang, and when I opened the door, there stood the Rev. Dickson. I invited him to come in, and after he had closed the door and we exchanged greetings, I heard several more voices, those of my Spirit friends, for Rev. Dickson was alone. He came up the stairs in the broad daylight, and when he had reached midway, out from behind him, fully materialized, came little Minnie Brown wearing a blue dress! Minnie said, 'Good afternoon, Dr. Bulman,' in a loud clear voice, and preceded the Rev. Dickson up the stairs, Minnie arrived at the top landing well before he did, passed me, and went down the hall toward my sister."

Then the doctor's sister, Nellie, said:

"I heard many voices, and was on my way to see who had come in. Just as I stepped into the hall, I beheld the wonderful manifestation of the Spirit, Minnie Brown, and a tide of ineffable joy swept over me, for she is such a beautiful child! You cannot imagine how delighted I was!

I stood still as she approached, and not until she came up quite close to me, did she vanish in the daylight."

All who have seen the Spirit form in the light of day, agree that it is a marvelous revelation of celestial beauty, for to see it in daylight, is to view it in the superb splendor of technicolor as compared to the greyed tones seen in softened light. The highly developed psychic power of the Rev. Dickson allows departed loved ones to reveal themselves in sunlight, and gives them (so they tell us) inexpressible joy in being able to show their true beauty.

The Spirit World has at last succeeded in bringing Spiritualism into the scientific era long desired, for with the question of light ceasing to be a requisite upon which Materialization is contingent, the Spirit loved ones have the opportunity of presenting eloquent and unquestionable evidence of Life Eternal, literally in the sunlight!

Daylight Materialization enables important personages of past periods of earthlife also to show their Spirit forms and the splendor of their garments, and forces the realization, that although history has relegated them to past ages, they are vital, living Spirits of our own day. Not only do they still live, but they are eager and willing to materialize and correct, or confirm the historians' evaluations of them and their acts in past years. As an instance:

At a recent Class meeting at our Church, for the unfoldment of psychic power, a well-known California woman, Louise J. Barricklo, told of an outstanding Daylight Materialization which occurred in a private seance she had with the Rev. Dickson at his home, 2940 Nineteenth Avenue, San Francisco, California, on July 4, 1951.

"The seance was proceeding in soft light," said Mrs. Barricklo, "I had seen and talked with several of my Spirit loved ones, and was meditating in the calm and peaceful atmosphere of the Rev. Dickson's seance room, when again the cabinet curtains parted and a tall, squareshouldered figure in Colonial attire stepped forth to within less than an arm's length of where I sat and in a sonorous voice said 'Joseph Hewes.' (Joseph Hewes was an illustrious member of our family back in the Revolutionary War days, and this was his first appearance to me.)

"Delighted and astonished, I said 'It's wonderful to have you come, particularly because I was thinking of you on the way to this meeting' He replied 'I was with you and caused you to think of me.' Then he walked toward the window, saying: "Minnie Brown suggested that I open the blinds and let you see me in the daylight, if I had sufficient strength. I watched him draw the heavy curtains aside, open the blinds and let in the sunlight! Then, standing tall and handsome in the sunlight, he said:

" Now you can say you saw the Spirit of Joseph Hewes, a Signer of the Declaration of Independence, in the bright sunlight, one hundred and seventy-five years after that memorable event.'

"'Yes,' I answered, practically breathless with excitement, 'and I think it was your vote that decided the matter of our country's independence!'

That is true,' he said, 'and I have never ceased to work for our beloved America.'

"At this moment," said Mrs. Barricklo, "the Spirit, Juanita, stepped from the materializing cabinet in a gown of glistening white, moved over to the side of Joseph Hewes, and said to me:

"'This is a very wonderful occasion, Mrs. Barricklo, a wonderful Fourth of July. Isn't it grand ?'

" The degree of perfection achieved by the Spirit World, in presenting psychic phenomena,' said Juanita, 'depends upon the spiritual and physical capacity of the medium. The Rev. Dickson's mediumship provide the Spirit World with great latitude, for he usually can give materializing seances in various degrees of light, and through his chemical vibrations, we can generally produce ectoplasm of whatever composition we require for our manifestations.'

"Juanita said: 'Ectoplasm is a substance composed of many known elements and many elements of which man is not as yet aware, and is produced through the action of the physical sphere of the medium upon the raw material of human vibrations. In Materialization, ectoplasm is used by a Spirit to amplify, intensify or 'stepdown' the appearance of its form, so that it can be brought into the limited range of human sight. Man's acuity is suited to the needs of his normal earth activities. For purposes which require his greater observation of penetration, man has developed sensitive instruments which extend the range of his sight, such as the microscope and telescope. A materializing medium, such as the Rev. Dickson, is the sensitive instrument used by the Spirit World to bring the Spirit loved ones within the range of human sight for man's enjoyment and education.

" When a Spirit wishes to materialize in the bright light of day,' said Juanita, 'it exerts a gravitational force and draws a film of ectoplasm from the Rev. Dickson into close proximity with its form and garments. The Spirit then raises the temperature of the ectoplasm to the degree where every atom of sunlight, upon contact with it, causes combustion, and the infinitesimal explosions which result, produce the fluorescence which plays upon and illuminates the Spirit form in daylight.

"The delicate transparency and fluidity of the ectoplasm produced through the mediumship of the Rev. Dickson, for Daylight Materialization,' said Juanita. 'enables the manifesting Spirit to show the color, texture and pattern of its garments, the flowers, feathers or jewels used in adornment, and all other minute details. And these same qualities of the ectoplasm allow the Spirit's features to be seen.

"In the materializing seances of the Rev. Dickson, when a Spirit releases the force which holds the ectoplasm in proximity to its form and garments, what is called "dematerialization" occurs. Only the ectoplasm has "dematerialized," however, the Spirit's form and garments remain intact, although not visible to human sight. Drawn there by the Spirit workers, the released ectoplasm returns to the medium or materializing cabinet, to be used by other Spirits wishing to materialize.

"At the conclusion of the seance, the Spirit workers return certain vibrations to the audience, or sitter, whence they were drawn, the vibrations having only been borrowed for the purpose and duration of the seance. "

Daylight Materialization! What a magnificent field of grandeur to invade with the assistance of Spirit friends. In man's conquest of fear and finite limitations, Daylight manifestations give knowledge which illuminates his understanding and energizes his psychic power. Spiritual phenomena of such pure beauty, causes puerile dreams or fancies to vanish, and awakens man to the realization that earthlife is but the material interlude—the physical event—in man's Eternal Life.

Mankinds' knowledge of the Spirit World, through Spiritualism, already so imposing, could be radically transformed through Daylight Materialization, and those with vision, see humanity advancing rapidly toward a new and enlightened era.

As future generations mark the progress of Spiritualism, the Rev. Dickson's achievement as a Daylight Materializing medium will stand among the great. And how well he deserves the praise and acclaim of the world at the present time, for his entire life has been devoted to preserving the purity of Spiritualism's phenomena, and presenting the truth about Life Eternal as given directly by materialized Spirits, in face-to-face communication!

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