From "Daylight Materialization and Psychic Power"  James Jacob Dickson


The Rev. James J. Dickson's cabinet guide, little Minnie Brown, materialized seated at the foot of my bed one morning long before I had met the medium more than thirty years ago. She greeted me, then said:

"I'll materialize to you again sometime, dear. Don't forget me."

She waved her hand, and vanished.

I later described this experience to Harry Rayne, the metaphysics lecturer. He replied by telling my sister, Nell, and me about the Rev. Dickson's remarkable phenomena. We attended a seance of this medium at the first opportunity.

I cannot remember when I spent a more fascinating evening. I saw four and five Spirit forms in flowing exotic garments simultaneously appear out of space and emerge through the floor. I watched them move about with fantastic grace, instantly alter their garments and adornments before my eyes, then disappear through the wall or vanish in the air. With each Spirit that appeared, I wondered what new physical impossibility it would perform.

As the evening advanced, our mother, father, and sister, Margaret Gore, manifested. Said mother:

"My children, we have been trying for a long time to get you to one of the Rev. Dickson's materialization seances. When we found that Mr. Rayne knew about the Rev. Dickson, we impressed him to tell you about them.

"We have some marvelous sights in store for you."

When mother disappeared, a little girl materialized.

"Minnie Brown," she announced. It was the child of long ago.

Minnie chose not to speak of that manifestation then. She had a more impressive occasion in mind.

Nell and I, intrigued with the manifestations we had witnessed, became charter members of the Rev. Dickson's church, The Spiritualist Church of Revelation, Incorporated, San Francisco, California, and, for the next three decades, enjoyed the ultimate in phenomenal mediumship. We obtained beautiful independent slate drawings in broad daylight by Juanita, the medium's artist guide; we witnessed superb spontaneous phenomena with the medium in our home; we sat enthralled before the enchantment of his Spirit dances. In the spiritual satisfaction of these wonderful events, we thought our cup was overflowing.

Then came the Rev. Dickson's popular broad daylight materialization seances. Before the majesty of the Spirits materialized in full sunlight, all other phenomena was secondary.

One bright early afternoon recently, I accompanied Nell to the Rev. Dickson's home for a private materialization seance. Upon arrival, Nell went directly into the seance room. I remained in the dining room to talk with Mrs. Gertrude Dickson.

After a time, Nell excitedly called to us to come into the lounge adjacent to the seance room. We hurried in. Standing there beside Nell in the middle of the sunlit room was our mother fully materialized looking exactly as we had known her in earth life. I gazed upon her smiling countenance, upon her blue-lace form-fitting short sleeved gown, upon her center parted hair arranged with jewels at the sides. I was overwhelmed.

"Now everyone be seated," she calmly said. "We'll visit for awhile."

We seated ourselves as directed, but the visit became a clamor of rapturous exclamations. Finally mother said:

"You see, my children, I have not changed. And I love you as always. To be able to materialize in the sunlight like this gives me more joy than you can understand. I should like to remain a long time and tell you all about the beautiful life I found on the Spirit side, but I cannot. Follow me into the seance room."

Across the lounge and through the door after this lovely Spirit we filed.

In the seance room mother walked to the side of the Rev. Dickson fully conscious in plain sight beside the cabinet curtain. There she bade s farewell, and disappeared.

Little Minnie Brown in a pink dress immediately stepped from the cabinet.

"Hello, everyone. Dr. Bulman, when I materialized on your bed that time, I told you I would materialize to you again."

She gently rose several feet from the floor, and, before our spellbound eyes, floated across a sunlit window onto a small table on the opposite side of the room. There she stood smiling at us.

Not long did she hold our attention.

Out of space before Nell materialized a full-dressed Indian chief. We gasped.

"Pale Moon." announced my sister's guide.

In all my experience with the Rev. Dickson's phenomena, this materialization was the most spectacular. Pale Moon was perfectly lifelike from the tip of his towering bonnet to his beaded moccasins. Standing there in that little seance room with the sunlight shining on his Spirit form, he was a magnificent sight.

I gazed into his keen black eyes and rugged sunburned face; I beheld the splendor of his feathers and the brilliance of his blue blanket. Emotion swelled in my throat.

"Oh, you're glorious!" exclaimed Nell in ecstasy. "What a materialization," said Mrs. Dickson.

"We've been wanting to give you a demonstration like this for a long time," said Pale Moon. "We had to wait until the vibrations were just right."

"Look at Minnie," said the Rev. Dickson.

We turned to Minnie. Now she was only materialized from the waist up. She was blending out into the wall.

"You don't know which one of us to watch," she laughingly said.

Instantly she vanished.

Pale Moon now removed his blanket revealing beneath a beautifully beaded buckskin suit and many bright necklaces.

"See my blanket," he said, holding it up to the side. "It was my special design."

The blanket was indeed extraordinary. Against its blue field was a center white half moon surrounded with stars and a red horizon border. As we admired the blanket's design and texture, it suddenly vanished, and Pale Moon slowly blended out into the sunshine.

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