From "Daylight Materialization and Psychic Power"  James Jacob Dickson


About a year ago, the Rev. James J. Dickson and his wife were spending a quiet evening with me at my apartment on the fifth floor at Bush and Leavenworth, San Francisco, California, when materialization spontaneously occurred.

We were seated in the living room, She tells the story conversing, when Minnie Brown, the Rev. Dickson's spirit cabinet guide, suddenly appeared in full form as a small child, greeted us, then said:

"Maria, I shall try to bring some of your spirit friends to you, if you wish."

"But Minnie, I have no cabinet curtain," I replied.

"We don't need any cabinet curtain," said Minnie: "And don't darken the rooms. It will not be necessary tonight:'

Throughout the seance that followed, the Rev. and Mrs. Dickson sat near me.  Maria Alexander and I could see them at all times.


We meditated briefly with our eyes wide open so as not to miss any spirit manifestation that might occur. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, a form appeared in front of us in a long designed purple robe fastened at the side. It was my deceased husband, Chase. He said:

"Can you see me, darling? I have not changed."

"I certainly can see you, sweetheart," I replied. "I've never seen you so clearly."

Chase walked over to a chair, placed his hand on the back, moved it as though he were in the flesh, then said:

"I am very happy in the Spirit Realm, Maria, dear. I stay near you so I can help you through the material life, and will stay with you as long as you are in earth life. When it comes time for you to pass into the Spirit Land I shall be there to receive you, then we shall be together forever. I love you, dear, very deeply. How grand it is that I can materialize in your home and talk with you."

"This is beyond all my expectations. I am thrilled," I replied. Chase greeted the Rev. and Mrs. Dickson, bade us good night, and vanished without moving from the spot where he stood.

Next, my daughter, Arleta, materialized. Holding out her beautiful feminine arms, she walked over to the electric lamp.

"Look mother," she exclaimed. "Look how wonderfully I can reveal my spirit form to you here in the light."

"Yes, Arleta, my darling," I answered. "To see you so clearly here in my home is something I never expected to happen."

After Arleta and I exchanged a few love greetings, she walked into the center of the room, and just blended out before our eyes.

While we were discussing the manifestations, Mrs. Dickson's Guide, Rosene, appeared in flowing robes and high-combed hair. She walked with heavenly grace and stately elegance about my apartment imposing fantasy upon the old familiar scenes. After talking with us a few minutes, she suddenly disappeared.


Up to this time, my little dog, Penny, seated in my lap, had watched the spirits quietly. As the Angels moved about, she turned her head, and when they spoke, she listened attentively to their melodious voices.

But now a dog barked.

At the Rev. Dickson's feet slowly materialized a toy bulldog. It was Tony, the medium's beloved little pet. Penny wriggled with excitement and tried to get down. In my fondness for dogs, I aided time and again in Tony's care during the last days of his earth life. To see the little dog materialized now at the Rev. Dickson's feet was a touching sight. Tony barked again, and vanished.

Although I had been a Spiritualist for nine years previous to attending the Rev. Dickson's materializing seances at his church, The Spiritualist Church of Revelation, Incorporated, 1762 Page Street, San Francisco, I never dreamed manifestations such as I have seen in his public and private seances were possible. The precious home seance was the prelude to phenomenal wonders.


Several months later, I went to the Rev. Dickson's residence, 2940 Nineteenth Ave., San Francisco, for my regular materializing seance in softened light. It was about 1:00 PM. After a number of my Spirit loved ones had materialized and talked with me, Dr. Adams, one of my Guides, stepped from the cabinet in full form and said:

"Maria, I will now show you my form in the daylight."

He walked over to the locked door, turned the key, opened the door wide, and stepped into the daylight-flooded doorway.

"How do you like this, Marie?" he asked.

"Dr. Adams," I exclaimed. "What a wonderful sight! You're young again. You haven't changed otherwise. You're as tall and slender as ever."

"Yes," he replied. "I'm more than six feet, dear, and not fat, as you see."

As I gazed upon his splendid youthful form, Dr. Adams stepped to my side, walked completely around my chair, and faded from view.

Once having seen daylight materialization, so far did the spectacle surpass all other phenomena, I kept hoping for a full daylight seance. Eventually my wish was fulfilled, but for what occurred at that meeting, I was totally unprepared.

On September 23, 1952, about 2:30 PM., I went to the Rev. Dickson's for another private materializing seance. I entered the seance room, saw the sunlight streaming in through the large uncovered windows on each side of the cabinet, and turned to the Rev. Dickson questioningly.

"The room is not prepared for my seance."

"Minnie Brown told me that you are to have a daylight materialization seance today," he replied.

Juanita, the Rev. Dickson's lecture and artist Guide, had once told me that to get good daylight materialization, the sunrays should be shining directly onto the Spirit form. It seemed to be the ideal time for such a manifestation. My heart thumped with excitement.

Unlike ordinary softened-light seance procedure, the Rev. Dickson, in this instance, did not pass into a psychic sleep. He sat fully conscious in plain sight throughout the seance. He and Minnie Brown talked with me when I was not talking to my Spirit friends.

The curtains parted, and out into the sunshine stepped my Guide, Wewanna, an Indian princess, wife of my Indian Guide, Black Eagle. I have never seen anything so glorious. Wewanna was so life-like in color, contour, and movement she might have emerged from a wooded glen, yet, her whole being was of an indefinable exquisiteness that transcended anything material. I gazed enthralled upon this enchanting Indian princess. Wewanna wore a long full dress of bright red, yellow, blue and black block-like Indian designs, gathered at the waist by a beaded belt with designs that matched ornament designs interwoven into her long shoulder braids. Beaded neck strands dangled low over her full feminine form. How picturesquely did her garment and adornments contrast with her brownish-olive skin and lustrous dark hair.


This scintillating exciting entity, this dainty glamorous Indian princess stepped forward, looked at me with her lovely dreamy black eyes, and with beautiful shapely arms and hands held out her skirt. In silvery tones she called my attention to its fascinating texture, design, and intriguing sparkle in sunray angles. Three times she repeated this performance. I looked and looked again. Surely, no grander spectacle had ever been beheld by man.

I sat transported, carried away. The celestial delicacy, the radiating colors, the ineffable sweetness of this Indian princess from the Land Beyond defied the language. Words had yet to be coined to convey the magnitude of a spirit fully materialized in daylight. When Wewanna's appearance ceased, it seemed that heaven's door, thrice ajar in my behalf, had latched forever.

An experience such as this is deeply stirring.

Here was mediumship at its zenith. Here, in broad daylight, by appointment, material laws were pierced. Here, in broad daylight, by appointment, I was seeing a visitor from the Land Beyond, a gorgeous gaudy Spirit with the sunlight playing upon her being. This was Spiritualism in all its glory, wooing the heart with its gentleness, fascinating the eye with its revelations, assuring the fear that fear is unfounded, challenging the scientific with its mysteries.

The materializations continued.

Now from the curtains into the sunrays stepped a spirit completely enshrouded with white ectoplasm. This materialization, following Wewanna, came as a surprise.

It turned out that the spirit was presenting a phenomenal demonstration within phenomena to excite the experts.

How many times has the question been asked: What does ectoplasm look like in the light of day? Here was the answer.

The ectoplasm about the spirit before me, while dimly transparent here and there, was, as a whole, intensely white, and so reflecting of the sun, it dazzled the eyes. Beneath it, the features of the manifestor were indiscernible.


"Dr. Creely," the spirit announced. I greeted an old friend.

Ectoplasm-enshrouded Dr. Creely walked over before the sunray-piercing window, and there demonstrated in a most spectacular way. He commenced to pull, with graceful gestures, portions of ectoplasm from his being, exposing by degrees his spirit form to the glorifying sunrays. He continued these movements, draping meticulously the withdrawn ectoplasm over his arm, until nearly all the ectoplasm was removed from his form.

In the end, the spirit, Dr. Creely, stood quietly before me, dressed in a dark brown business suit, every contour in proportion, every molecule atint, a scintillating rhapsody of psychic science with folds of dazzling white ectoplasm draped over his arm!

What a spectacle! What a demonstration!

Lest the essence of this manifestation be obscured by its brilliance, what Dr. Creely revealed was the difference between the fleecy ectoplasm usually seen in darkened, seances and the extremely thin, invisible layer of ectoplasm with which the spirits cover themselves for daylight materialization, that the sunlight, in striking the substance, bombast into human perception the spirit form and celestial coloring beneath it.

This demonstration was the most penetrating yet of the vibrations stepdown process used by the Spirits in materializing.

Overwhelmed with awe and wonder, I looked over at the Rev. Dickson plainly visible between the parted curtains. There sat this modest little man, in a blue suit, as much absorbed in Dr. Creeley's demonstration as was I myself. He said simply:

"Isn't that a grand manifestation of daylight materialization."

While the three of us, Dr. Creely, the Rev. Dickson, and I were talking, Minnie Brown commented:

"It takes a lot of psychic power to produce a materialization like that."

Dr. Creely added: "It was my special demonstration for you, Maria,  for I knew you would appreciate it.

When Dr. Creely faded out into the sunshine, Areleta's father stepped from the cabinet. There, in the sunlight with that familiar tuft of brown hair hanging as always over his forehead he was wonderful to see.

"Hello, Ben I greeted him. "you haven't changed a bit."

"I tried to come just as you knew me on earth so you would recognize me," he replied.

Ben and I talked for a few minutes, then he returned to the cabinet.

I shall never be able to fully explain all I saw and heard on that sunny afternoon at the Rev. James J. Dickson's. The one thing I do know is that when I think of those glorious daylight-materialized spirits, my heart sings out with joy, and I feel an inner peace deeply comforting and enrichening of my life experience.

Courtesy of PSYCHIC OBSERVER, INC., Chesterfield, Indiana

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