From "Daylight Materialization and Psychic Power"  James Jacob Dickson

From Josephine Hawthorne

In the private materializing seances given by James Dickson at 2940 Nineteenth Avenue, in San Francisco, California, my departed loved ones materialise so clearly and plainly in the broad daylight that I recognize them immediately without difficulty.

Recently, at a private seance with Dickson, my father materialized in the bright daylight. He was grand ! He was as natural as he was in life. We talked about many experiences of my childhood, which brought back memories I had almost forgotten.

My aunt materialised following my father, and gave her name in full. She walked over to me, entirely encircled the chair on which I was seated, and then continued over to a table in the room upon which were a number of Spiritualist magazines. Four separate times she picked up different magazines. Then she came over to where I sat with a copy of TWO WORLDS in her hands and together we discussed the picture on the front page, and read excerpts from various articles appearing therein.

Daran La Gan, my guide, then materialised and seated himself on a chair near me. We talked for a considerable length of time about his picture, which Mr. Dickson's spirit guide, Juanita, had drawn for me on my slate, again in bright daylight; and during our conversation, Minnie Brown, Dickson's cabinet guide, materialised and joined us. As you may guess, I was delighted to witness the manifestation of two materialised forms at once for a few moments, during this outstanding seance.

James Jacob Dickson with his materialized spirit guide Minnie Brown. Photo taken 1899. Dickson age 19.

After Minnie Brown returned to the cabinet, Daran and I spoke of the many times he has materialised for me in my garden, in the bright moonlight, and also the wonderful demonstrations he gave me recently when, for one entire week, he opened and closed the door for me, every time I entered or left my home.

Several other loved ones then materialised to greet me before my mother appeared. She was so very beautiful, and spoke so sweetly and lovingly of her past earth-life and present spirit life, that I was completely enraptured! In the bright light of day. I could see her beautiful face and also the lovely dress she was wearing. Before mother vanished, she said to me

"Soon I'm going to show you my form in the bright daylight, dear, when you are out in your garden, so watch for me."

During the following week, one sunny morning, while I was working in the garden, my attention was drawn to a lady walking on the pavement nearby. To my surprise and delight, I recognised her as my mother. She continued to walk along the sidewalk, sweetly smiling at me, till she blended away into the sunlight.

At the very next seance I had with Mr. Dickson, my mother confirmed her daylight appearance on the sidewalk in front of my home, before I had the opportunity of speaking to her about it.

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