From the book Beyond the Vail

Dictated by visible full-form spirit materializations
through the mediumship of William W. Aber

A Slave Girls Story

An innocent victim of the curse of chattel slavery, and why an endless hell for her? Is Ibis a case of justifiable suicide? Dictated by the spirit Faith to the spirit Wesley, who wrote the dictation as follows:

I have come to you tonight upon a strange mission. Dr. Reed, who is well known to me, has requested me to tell you of my sad earth life. It will be very painful to me, but as I have been assured that it will be of great benefit to the world, I will endeavor to give you a brief outline of my life on earth and in spirit.

I am of mixed blood. My mother was an octoroon and my father (the master) was a white man. My mother was one of the indulged upper servants, and my father had promised her that he would give me free papers when I grew up, and in the event of his death, make provision that would leave me free.

The School-Days

I was a beautiful child and unusually bright for my age. My father had three daughters and two sons by his legal wife. He always seemed very fond of me, and, as a special favor, I was allowed to study with the other children. I was very ambitious, and outstripped the others in study of the languages, and when the young mistresses (sisters) were sent away to Finstuc School, I was allowed to accompany them as maid. One of the girls, Hazel, and I were about the same age, and she took a great interest in me. I used to help her with her lessons. She used to say: 'Faith, if you were white, I could love you like a sister. In reality I was the fairer of the two, and the African blood only showed in my sleepy black eyes and soft, curly black hair. School-days were over, and except poor me, all came home delighted.

Sad Accident That Sealed Her Doom

We had been at home scarcely a year before the accident that deprived me of all hope in life occurred. My father was accidentally shot. I have been in spirit life many years, yet the recollections of that terrible time are as clear as if they had occurred today. It was a clear, frosty morning, in the fall of the year, and a number of gentlemen from neighboring plantations were going on a hunt. Early that morning I had gone into my father's library (I cannot, even now, call him my master) to ask permission to accompany Hazel on a visit to a school-mate. He was seated at a table writing when I entered. He looked up and asked what my errand was. I told him and he said: 'Certainly, you can go.' I thanked him and started to leave the room when he suddenly asked: 'Faith, how old are you?' I replied that I would soon be eighteen. He sighed, and said: 'Poor girl! You are growing so beautiful, and I must not procrastinate another day.' I was puzzled at his words and asked him what he meant. And he replied that he was 'thinking of a business matter that ought to be attended to at once.' And in a few short hours he was brought home in a dying condition.

The Fatal Revelation

My mother at once betrayed her secret and brought down the vile hatred of her mistress, not only upon her own head, but my innocent self also. I cannot go over the details of the few weeks after my father's funeral, but my mother and I were sold to a low planter, more for revenge than for the money we brought, and this low, degraded brute had determined to compel me to become his mistress, and when I turned upon him in scorn, he ordered me tied to the whipping-post and given three hundred lashes. After that I was to be given to a brutal negro for a wife.

In Solitude the Curtain Dropped at the New Dawning

The pain of the lash was more than I could endure and I swooned away. When I regained consciousness, I found myself in a pool of my own blood. I was so sore I could not move but with the most excruciating pain. I tried for hours to drag myself to the river bank, distant only a few yards. By degrees I gradually dragged myself along, and just as the day began to dawn, I rolled off the bank into the water. Oh, the blessed waters! Here, at last, was a panacea for all my troubles. I could feel myself sinking deeper and deeper, and the cool waters gently kissed my fever-flushed cheeks. I did not struggle, and my death was painless.

Just on the Other Side

My surprise at finding that I still existed, though in a different form from that on earth, was great, for I had discarded the thought of another life, when I saw so much suffering around me unrelieved.

But That Brute—What of Him?

How I hated the brute that had purchased me, and how I strove to revenge myself! And I have not forgiven him yet, though I have tried to do so. He inhabits a much darker sphere than I and ages will elapse before he will see the light.

Her Beautiful Home and Mission, and the Slave-Dealer's 'Outer Darkness'

'You should see the beautiful home the once despised slave has in the spirit world. Here we have neither master nor slave. My mission is to try to help those to progress who were guilty of selling their own flesh and blood. Years have passed since many such have entered spirit life, and yet they are still in dark, dark places, for their deeds were so dark, and the suffering inflicted upon others was so horrible, that ages must pass ere their souls receive a ray of blessed light.