From "Daylight Materialization and Psychic Power"  James Jacob Dickson


Carl D. Schyberg, the author of this article, has known James Dickson for over 25 years. In that time he has witnessed so many remarkable phenomena that he has come to wonder "What next?"

Yet despite his knowledge of Dickson's capabilities Schyberg could scarcely have visualized the fantastic phenomena which unexpectedly occurred one night—fully materialized figures walking about his apartment at four in the morning while the medium was fast asleep.


We stopped for the night at Balboa, a seaside resort in Southern California, and were lodged in a luxurious, upper three-room apartment, composed posed of a kitchen, a bedroom, and a large living room adaptable for two beds.

Tired from a long day of traveling  we had retired early, the medium and I in the living room.

At a quarter to four the next morning, I heard a voice: "Carl! Carl! Wake up! Wake up!"


I opened my eyes and saw Geolga Emenoff, my guide, fully materialized beside my bed, bending over me.  Her form was illumined by light from an opposite apartment. The blue of her eyes, and her blonde curls, could be clearly distinguished.

"I want you to get up and open the door to the Svendsen's room. Juanita wants to materialise and talk to them," said Geolga.

I arose and looked over at the Rev. Dickson, asleep in his bed. Something splendid was imminent.

Geolga vanished, and Juanita, Dickson's guide, appeared. "I'll follow right behind you," she said.

With her materialised spirit at my heels, I went to the door, called and entered.

Juanita was now all of thirty feet from the medium. She greeted the Svendsens, then returned to our room. I followed.

There, in the inflooding light and general full-moon radiance, Juanita leisurely walked about. She wafted a panel of her gown; she fluffed out her black, wavy tresses; she brushed at her slender waist with exquisite fingers.

After a time I walked over to where the Rev. Dickson lay on his bed asleep, and we all listened to his raucous snore. Juanita then dematerialised where she stood.

Thinking the manifestations had ceased, I closed the Svendsen's door and started for bed.

Then my "dead" wife, Mae, appeared at my side. As in life, she looked up into my face. To see her now again, every feature as I knew it, was heavenly.

Briefly we conversed, she extended love to our girls, then she vanished. Now the Rev. Dickson startlingly awakened; when I related events he calmed. We went into the Svendsen's room to discuss the manifestations.


Presently I left the group and went to the kitchen for water. When l switched on the light-there stood Geolga, fully materialised! And she spoke to me. I returned to the living-room, related Geolga's manifestation, then we all retired and quiet prevailed.

Then again, suddenly, I heard the laugh of Minnie, the Rev. Dickson's little cabinet control. I looked over, and saw her, a child of seven, standing beside the Rev. Dickson's bed. The medium and I both greeted her.

Minnie summoned the Svendsens, and they, with us, observed her until she dematerialised in the center of the room. The Svendsens then closed their door.

Now from a light on the rug there arose a form in a brilliant blue and gold costume, and a long, black beard—an ancient of no little dignity.

"Jared Chaldea," he said in a deep voice. It was Mrs. Svendsen's Persian guide. "I'm going in to talk with Ruth."

Majestically he strode to the door, opened it, entered, and greeted our companions. After a bit he reappeared, banged the door behind him, and, returning to the spot where he had materialised, melted to the floor.


Next to manifest was a spirit in a coral gown with a long train, a scintillating tiara, and a glittering bracelet.

"Orly Vanene," she said. This time it was Mr. Svendsen's guide. "I'm going in to talk with Jens."

She went to the door, opened it, entered, and spoke. Reappearing, she strolled about our room. With her long train and dainty hands she was a rapturous sight! I shall never forget it! She returned to the Svendsen's room, reappeared, banged the door behind her, and  in the center of our room, dissolved.

Now Chief Mohegan, another of my spirit friends, appeared in an elegant feathered headress; simultaneously, Little Fawn revealed herself in white buckskin, sitting on the lounge. With this superb double materialisation the phenomena ceased.

The next day we drove up to Los Angeles and found lodgings in separate motel apartments. That night, shortly after I retired, Geolga appeared sitting on my bed.

"I want you to come with me into the Rev. Dickson's room," she said.

I arose, entered the medium's room, and, side by side with Geolga, stood looking down at the Rev. Dickson asleep in his bed. At Geolga's request I raised a window to provide the medium with more air, then retired.

Minnie now peaked around the door and giggled. After her appeared my wife and Chief Mohegan and Little Fawn, Orly, Jared and Juanita.

They walked around my room, leaned against the wall, sat on the chairs and the bed. It was glorious ! An unforgettable experience.

(PSYCHIC NEWS, London, England) September 23, 1950

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