From the book Dawn of the Awakened Mind
John S. King, M.D.
Founder and President of the Canadian Society of Psychical Research

Questions and answers from Dr. King's spirit guide, Hypatia of Alexandria, (370 - 415 AD), the Neoplatonic philosopher and  mathematician deemed to be the wisest of all women of her day who was brutally murdered by a fanatical sect of  Christian monk supporters of Cyril because she taught science and learning which were considered pagan.

A spirit portrait of Hypatia made for Dr. King through
the mediumship of the Bangs sisters of Chicago

THE present chapter will be wholly devoted to Hypatia's views regarding mind, thought and soul or spirit, and their relation to Deity, together with an outline of her philosophy, and tenets of her creed. She briefly gives her autobiography, and simply refers to her martyrdom at Alexandria.

My questions were prepared at my home in Toronto, and placed in my pocket; and no human eye saw them save my own, nor did a single mortal, other than myself, know their contents and yet she gave her answers, and expositions in response to my desires, as contained in them, for further knowledge, as one who proved herself to have been unexcelled as a teacher, in the age in which she lived. This sitting with the psychic at Lily Dale, New York State, was indeed an important and memorable one, inasmuch as it was the occasion of a most exacting test of the genuineness of both the intelligence communicating, and the instrument or medium.

I may premise for the reader's information, that to Hypatia, more than to all else, am I indebted for the aid I have received in the compilation of this book, entitled Dawn of the Awakened Mind, which name, I now realize more than ever, best designates the true condition of the present day mind development, and presents to view a new established truth; and while I recognize her partnership of effort, her wisdom as my guide and teacher, her power and influence as a leader in both spirit life and here, I wish to have her place on record what must stand as evidence plain and clear, of her ability to uphold my claim, that life is a continuity; that spirits do come back again to men; and beyond each and every doubt, they do commune with them; and lastly, that the work in which I have engaged, is endorsed by the angel world, and thus is affirmed to humanity as truth.

As the time for our sitting had arrived, and Hypatia's presence was made known, I thus addressed her: Hypatia, you have well established your identity in very many ways, such as by letter, or message writing; speaking with vocal organs of a medium in a trance; as well as talking through trumpets; and less frequently, your voice has been heard in song; while many scores of sitters, at materializing sťances, have seen you time and again in more than one place, and heard your conversations when meeting me there; and most especially, when a large circle of interested researchers saw you bring for the first time my spirit wife and daughter to me, in a Jonson sťance in November. 1911.

No pedantic critic need attempt to credit me with seeing a creature of imagination, nor a fraudulent presentation, for you have too often established your identity to me, beyond all question, as well as to others who saw you more than once, and who with me, could frequently have the opportunity to view and recognize your features and your form, your tangibility and motion, your mannerisms and your speech, and in many other ways; as any man could recognize his mother or his wife, and could swear that she was such, without a single doubt or question.

Now that Miss Gates, the instrument, is ready and waiting, will you please utilize her services and answer these several questions for me, so that I may have them recorded, and take them home with me. Almost instantly the psychic's hand began to write, and Hypatia was the single word she wrote, as an indication that she at least was ready.

To lead the way I first asked for direction.

JSK. Shall I read all the questions in the order I have them written here; or submit them one by one, and receive your answers?

Answer by HYPATIA. I prefer to receive them the latter way, and then proceed to answer them.

The answer followed each question immediately, and continued so to come, until this chapter was concluded.

Question 1, by JSK. When the spirit leaves the body; at the so-called time of death, of what does it, the spirit, consist?

Answer, by HYPATIA. It is the same spirit that occupied the body, intangible to human normal sense, but tangible to us as spirit. In fact we don't sense anatomy, at all. It is to us as is matter, a machine of static order, that generates for the growing soul, proper health radiation. After the spirit is free, it is to us cognizant, whereas when it is in the body it is inexpressive or dumb. Body does not exist and spirit is all. Your body is made up of matter or moving particles of inert spirit, and God is spirit or that from which all things come. If you want me to describe it from your point of view, I will say it consists of mind, the thinking part of soul, the living or loving part, and of a body produced from habits of thought added to what it was at first, a spirit produced by process of birth. The words may be confusing or interchangeable. Your ideal is correct as to the duality of mind, the mind that thinks, and the mind that produces harmony for the thinking ego blended together make a whole or spirit. If you like the word soul better so use it. Name is limited to express what must be unknown quantity to a mortal or limited mind.

Question 2, JSK. Is the mind immortal, does it exist for all time to come?

Answer by HYPATIA. The mind is a portion of the Deity or to describe it in a picture, it is a portion of the Deity at birth, but like a plate without markings. A human life-time engraves upon it certain errors of judgment that give to it an opalescent hue, and cause it to be most precious to all who see and serve it. It was everlasting at birth, and after a human life-time, it is not only everlasting but most precious to those who see its work of growth and attainment. What I specially wish to here convey is that the mind or ego, is not only preserved, but the personality is also retained, and continued.

Question 3, JSK. Before we proceed further, I desire to know if I err? Or, am I doing what I should not do, in asking these questions, which of necessity are in advance of the normal knowledge of humanity?

Answer by HYPATIA. It is not sinful to endeavor to find out what is beyond your comprehension. If you ask of what the sun consists, you do no harm. Therefore, from my point of view, it is not sinful to ask about that which you do not know, regarding intangible things, but to you made real by experiences and observation.

Question 4, JSK. Is the whole of mind a unit, and of what does it consist?

Answer by HYPATIA. The whole of mind is like to a ball of mercury. It is all of one substance but may easily be separated into smaller complete balls or portions of the first division, or in immature infancy these portions are not engraved and go back easily to high degree, but after life of human, they become individualized so that their life is put on record, like a book, and like a blossom beautiful or dwarfed it stays forever in the garden of its God. When it by more perfection of its growth becomes completed in its love and loses selfish greed of gain, it goes at last into a pool of power, which like to corpuscles of living blood, moves ever onward in a harmony of power to aid and power to grow, and each one helps the other so there is no clashing anywhere, but different power to do as with wise men in human life of you.

Question 5, JSK. Is mind compound or has it parts objective and subjective?

Answer by HYPATIA. It is compound as you might see but to us perfect like a tree, the sub-conscious is the perfected mind of animal. Its instinct is perfect. It does not reason, and it does not err. The other portion in man developed is like the blossom of the fruit. It reasons and it errs, and yet is by us believed to be most perfect so, with an unending power to grow.

Question 6, JSK. Has mind at death to be divided, and some part no longer used?

Answer by HYPATIA. It is sometimes cut off from memory of this past life. It, I mean the mind, as a whole is at times deprived of memory, and in that state is placed in circumstances like to a second human life, and so it grows in even state, till from its vicious tendency set free, then it is after shown, and taught what circumstances caused it to be, for man is ruled by circumstance in large degree. Perhaps a fault in growth of brain, perhaps an evil moral tendency inherited from certain fault or error of his ancestry.

Question 7, JSK. Does some new element of mind manifest when body dies?

Answer by HYPATIA. New senses open to the spirit view. It is as if you for your life-time through, were of your sight or smell bereft. You simply use what you had not the need of while your brain an organ frail was being used by you.

Question 8, JSK. By what part of mind is reason exercised in spirit life?

Answer by HYPATIA. It is the reasoning portion of the completed mind. The mind is dual as a tree above ground and beneath would be, but each dependent on the other for perfect harmony; but if either was bereft like in the tree the sub-conscious or the root is the most substantial part. The reasoning portion is the portion that develops as a whole and glorifies perfected soul.

Question 9, JSK. What difference, if any, is there between spirits carnate and discarnate?

Answer by HYPATIA. I referred to that before. I might give your mind a picture of it by saying the living human spirit or incarnate one, is as a child compared to man. A child might have better eyes than the father, but he could not mentally use the objects impressed on his sight, so the incarnate spirit, even when awakened in spiritual power to sense, is not greatly benefited thereby, but when set free the need of spirit senses then exists, and they are appreciated indeed.

Question 10, JSK. By what authority is discarnate mind controlled ?

Answer by HYPATIA. Discarnate mind is controlled on a similar principle to the incarnate. It is guided into paths for its best good. If it proceeds with good and grace, it is allowed to stay and advance rapidly along the way. If it is slow or does not wish to go another takes its place, and it is left to be taught privately.

Like to a school the after life, if all are in a class, and do their best, they keep together in a forward way, just as a normal human life will grow in similar degree to its perfection or completion; but if it, the discarnate spirit, cannot be like to the average ones, 'tis given private tutorage along the way, and will attain its growth at later day, like to a backward child at school, but all are forced to certain rule. As birth and death to man is certainty, so to the spirit certain laws must be. If I ask you what makes a comet return to a certain prophesied point, after a lapse of years, you will answer, law, which has been discovered by observation. So in spirit, laws of exactness exist, but God or Deity is all life, and all love, and all wisdom. As perfection cannot err, so it cannot change. It is modified to some degree by other spirits, but the good of each individual is the ultimate end.

Question 11, JSK. How is mind of infant spirit developed to adult state ?

Answer by HYPATIA. Inherited tendency, or the impressions made upon the minds of its ancestors are impressed upon its mind at birth, on principle like to photography after its start, its food and body growth, and also its social environment, have much to do with developing it toward good or evil tendencies. But good is best when it is understood, and wise and loving hearts are always good.

Question 12, JSK. Is the ruling power in spirit, or is it found in mind?

Answer by HYPATIA. The ruling power is spirit, which is perfect, and perfects all things according to the best of perfect law. Spirit is more perfect than mind. Spirit is the power to produce all things, and maybe complete to the final etherialized state, finer than anything material. A mind is an expression of this spirit. Mind has limitations, spirit has none. The substance mind is a creation of the spirit. It is not easy for a finite being to comprehend absolute capacity to do, to think and reason are attributes of the mind. The spirit is not in this necessity, it knows without effort or need to attain. The Ruling Power of the Universe, the Spirit, has made an absolutely perfect law. This law or these laws are always for the good of the ones governed. These laws are the result of growth, and develop as necessities of development call for laws. Laws are a necessity to finite minds, but to Infinite Spirit there is no need for limitation or law. Law of itself suggests consequence. If you disobey a law, you must suffer in some way. So I think I best express it when I tell you that spirit is absolute, and pervades all matter and mind. Without God or Deity no life would be. So finite beings are but individual expressions of this general and all pervading spirit, necessary to life in all forms. Death is not possible to spirit. Death is a gateway of change only. The ruling power is, as far as our ability to comprehend, perfect law modified by loving united minds, who teach and aid all lesser ones. You know the heated stove will burn you, but if a child or idiot came near, you would withhold his hand by force, if 'twas necessity to save him. Pain you know would be, and yet the fire is a friend to men. So laws of force exist, and laws of consequence, but all are for the best growth of all concerned.

Question 13, JSK. I desire fully to comprehend the true meaning of mind, and of the terms mind-reading, telepathy and thought-transference, and how thought is recognized by me in another's mind, or how thought may be propelled, or attracted from one mind to another one. Is telepathy possible only between two minds in harmonious attunement by a process of vibration similar in principle to that necessary in transmitting Marconigrams from one tower or station to another one, or on the other hand do you deny its real existence? In this same connection I would ask have you knowledge that a thought which originally belonged to the mind of one person may impinge upon or connect in some way, with the mind of another person in harmonious attunement with herself like to the note caused by the bow of a violin, drawn across the string, causing response in a wire which produces a similar note in the piano at the other end of the room?

Answer by HYPATIA. I may first say I believe and know it is true, if I had instrument like you, at this end, I could cause her here to sense and know, but she, this one, (the Human-Psychic-Telephone) will not do so. She says cut off all of their power, and leave me silent free, and like a person in a room, her mental door is locked to me; but if I see her little maid, (an elemental spirit) I say call Maudie to our aid, and if it seems to Lala Lee (the maid) desirable she mention me, and then this one (the instrument) may listen if she wishes to, but she is opposite to you in every way, and does not wish to know, or even care if it is so.

It is somewhat difficult to describe to finite beings, things intangible to their senses, like Mind, Soul, Spirit, etc. Mind is substance real to myself, real to yourself, but your senses are associated with the knowledge and belief in gravity, and to human senses things not governed by gravity are not real. Mind is not governed by gravity of planets, or gravitation's law. Centrifugal and centripetal forces affect it not, but it has length, breadth and thickness, and has necessity. It may have comfort or discomfort, it may be relaxed or in tension. It is of itself without necessary form and at birth would be void, or without engravings. The mind of each human are at birth alike as far as serious variations are concerned. If I would be most exact, I should say that God is mind, and each individual of whatsoever order, is a chunk of God in greater or less size capacity. I might describe the creation of the universal universes, as having been made on the principles of the development of rudimentary animal life, on the plan of fission or automatic division of a cell, or an independent organism, that is to say each globule or filament after elongating divides into two segments, each of which increases in its turn, to again divide into parts and so on. The Universes are so produced by growth from the original oneness of Deity, these large or astronomical minds are in desire to produce and protect lives, and are taught how to proceed to their perfection by ability to communicate directly to Deity. These original minds or individuals are governed by exact laws, and matter, which is all that is cognizant to humans, is the result of these laws. I from my point of view would call all matter mind in different degrees of tension, or potential. Therefore under bonds a mind of advanced order for the purpose of enlightening or teaching investigating men, may in a small degree materialize or de-materialize objects to men familiar, on a similar principle to that used by a human scientist when he would cause heat waves to be changed into sound waves. I might perhaps make you understand the conditions of the universe, if I should say you are living in the completed universe, or the growing one, but there are myriads of complete or ripe universes or individual large minds, like to the Coral Islands produced by the living small animals, on each of these is exactly recorded every thing of its experience. Or perhaps you would understand better if I'd say a spirit after birth completes itself according to its best development, and then, becomes a perfected I am like to Deity in its desire to do good to all, and after further development it becomes an I am not, or a positively negative force, from which matter is made. This mind then becomes like to mother earth vibrant with life, but does not act except in a beneficent way, toward the myriad forms or individuals of life, upon its surface. The spirits of men, and the spirits of elementals are in truth the only truly irresponsible individuals of the mind order. These two orders belong as I might describe to you men, to the conscious or inventive portion of the God mind, and elementals to the active sub-conscious portion of the God mind. An elemental, if not suggested to by a man spirit, will never make a mistake or err in execution of a command. They are of the recording and imitating order, and whatever they do or wherever they go, they follow the suggestion of a mind either carnate or discarnate. They do not invent.

The body of humans in life is a static machine, that generates through the life process, the radiation and vibrations necessary for a man's best development.

Question 14, JSK. Will you kindly explain to me what thought is, where it originates, how it is created, how directed and controlled.

Answer by HYPATIA. Thought is more than a vibration, it is an invention or mental succession of pictures, which as you ask in previous question, may be conveyed to another mind in attunement to itself, either by natural or produced state. Telepathy has real existence, because it is thought-transference either by picture or word method. It may be caught by a disinterested mind, if that mind is in line of its conveyance, or is in harmonious attunement with itself. Elementals may be used to. generate any vibration which I might describe to you as colors. Blue and yellow will produce green. Suppose a blue mind endeavored to communicate by telepathy with a green mind it could not do so till a guide caused the yellow to be added to the blue, till they were of the same shade. This could be done by additions from this side, but its success would depend upon its exactness. Rest and fatigue of body have much to do with the condition of a living mind, and these conditions are dependent on circumstances, not wholly spiritual. Thought is a power of reason, a power to invent, to take things known or observed, and make new pictures from combining them in different kaleidoscopic ways. I know your happiness or unhappiness by intuition, if I come in tune with you. This is a soul power. The power to feel or know. This is done by intuition and power to me known, but with May she cannot of her own self unaided come into tune with you. She is a babe not properly clothed, and I by additions clothe her for the occasions, as is best for her and you.

Question 15, JSK. If my thoughts are now known to May and you, is it by sense of sight, or feeling or is it by spirit sense of intuition or prehension?

Answer by HYPATIA. You are to me a radiant being, and thus bodily radiation of you is to me as light. What you think or write is recorded, and under proper conditions I can read it as you could a book. I cannot always produce or cause to be produced these conditions, therefore I cannot always read your thoughts or written words. These small necessities to me are like to the pen or pencil and paper to this writer if she would communicate with you. If you were developed in mediumship your body would be like a house equipped with a telephone. I could use it, so could a stranger spirit as well, except a stranger would probably be withheld from entering your house.

Question 16, JSK. Have thoughts once formed continuous existence ?

Answer by HYPATIA. Thoughts once formed have continued existence because they are recorded. The Kingdom of life, both animal and vegetable, is on or over a carbon sheet, that exactly reproduces it. This is in the Kingdom called at the present time, or rather from which the spirits of Levitation and Elementals come. I can, by going through proper forms of vibration and waiting, knock on any door of record of any type or time and find what is therein, kept or treasured. Or I may, which I would do in ordinary way, employ an elemental to go to this point, receive the impression of what I wish to know, and then come to me and repeat it as a graphophone repeats a record. The elemental will go in a bee line, and the record will be exact, if it is not interfered with in transmission. Thought as a rule goes straight forward as in a tube and does not impinge upon a mind unless that mind enters its ray by accident or design. The thought is complete like to a picture created or painted. It may be retraced or copied or obtained again for the hall of record, but it does not continue to vibrate on the principle of waves on a lake after a stone is dropped therein. If it did so one set of pictures would impinge upon another set of pictures, and tend to efface each other. A beautiful thought like a beautiful song, may be retained in memories near, and repeated in a modified way, either with additions or subtractions.

Question 17, JSK. If thoughts are definite in form are they not physical?

Answer by HYPATIA. In answer I would say that thoughts are physical from spirit point of view, but not from that of human. That is they have not weight, and are not governed by gravity. They cannot be disturbed or delayed by physical substance. Other thoughts cannot modify or change their origin, continuance or end. Other thoughts cannot quicken or delay their execution. They may impress mind and cause new thoughts to be invented, but each thought remains itself intact or unchanged.

Question 18, JSK. Am I correct in assuming that I am in attunement with spirit realms, when while I am in a passive state I send forth my soul's desire to receive a message from you or May or other loved one or friend, or whoever I may, and that same one goes to the Human-Psychic-Telephone and communicates their thoughts through that instrument to me in writing?

Answer by HYPATIA. All men are in attunement with spirit realms at all times, but when you send forth a true prayer or soul's desire you call to your assistance many exalted spirits, who like to the Jacob's Ladder picture make the way between you and your wish more smooth. The greatest good to the greatest number is always to be considered, and even though we wish earnestly, we often fail to win. But who can say we are not benefited by the wishing?

Question 19, JSK. Hypatia, will you kindly explain to me, why some former acquaintances, some distant relatives, and most of the strangers who have sent the messages through the writing instrument, the Human-Psychic-Telephone, to me. have done so without my request, and some whom I had no thought of, was it a thought wave from me to someone that they sensed, (or by telepathy) or why was it so?

Answer by HYPATIA. Myriads of spirits wish to communicate with men. Sometimes they serve us in our work for you, and so earn the right to have their wish to communicate granted. Many observe all mediumistic experiments and are like onlookers at the moving of a building, at hand ready to assist, and afterwards deserving of reward in the way of having their wishes granted in regard to personal communications, etc.

Question 20, JSK. If thought is a creation of the mind, and mind as a whole is a unit, though having parts as to qualities or functionings, and has for future advantage dormant spiritual senses, then am I to understand that what still remains is soul or spirit, the source from which emanates love, emotion, and other attributes? And does this combination form the completed individual whole of each spirit personality, with its origin in, and future final destination, the Universal and Infinite Spirit, Deity or God? I have thought and I have reasoned that the various parts having spirit origin, by their union together constitute each individual carnate and discarnate personality, an immortal spirit. As an earnest, honest student, I want to learn along these lines what you can and will teach me. Does the spirit through its soul govern the operations of the mind, and if so, is not the spirit entity the ruler of all its parts, and a portion of the Infinite Spirit or Deity, but with a limitation and adaptability to the physical body in human life; but after death without an organized body only as one is assumed for some reason, such for example as recognition, though both physical and visible from spirit point of view?

Answer by HYPATIA. I will give answer to your question as well as make response to several others in your mind. The mind is a ball that may either centralize or does centralize, until a thought is invented, then it focuses and sends that thought forth, catapults it as it were. That thought must be in a way a completed picture, expressed in words, or symbols. I would say thought is a creation of the mind. It, the mind, may be active or passive. When passive it is easily impressed by thoughts about it, and must come in touch with it, through some sense either physical or spiritual. The eye as an organ is an instrument like a camera that produces agreeable effects on the mind. There are spiritual senses, in the spiritual body, which continue with the mind and soul of man, after death. A man's mind is like to God's mind, on the same principle that the tree in the seed is just as perfect as the grown tree. Scientists contend that even the future blossom is in this its primal state. But in the primal state, it is perfect. In real tree life, or development, some blossoms will be blighted by frost and circumstance, and some will bear fruit. The God mind would be like to the mind of every individual at birth, but without personalities, which are attained by circumstance and growth. The key to each condition and sphere is in the body and soul of every man.  Mind of God is a Kingdom or sphere of wholeness, like to white paper not engraved with personality.

Soul of God is a Kingdom or sphere of wholeness. Love is the principle thereof.

Body of God is the Universe as a whole, both spiritual and physical.

This the three in one incomprehensible to many yet evident in all men, matter is an expression of this (the body) part thereof. Severity of justice without mercy that does not deviate in body or matter, in exactness, of all natural laws, like those of fire, electricity and forces not yet known to men, is modified by soul, all the way to perfection, both in body and spirit.

The mind of each individual is with that individual always. Its capacity to think and therefore develop and grow in human life depends upon its brain health, and development (circumstance.) If it is an idiot the brain cells are disturbed and cannot be used, the mind remains in inability to think until death relieves it to the freedom of its spiritual state.

In insanity, the brain disease sets the spirit into partial freedom, from the body, so it floats, toy-balloon-like, between its body and its spiritual home. Not able to grow, or use its brain, it is acted on by discarnate minds, and also incorrect impulses or impressions caused by diseased brain. When it is free spirit, it is cut off from the memory of this experience, and begins at its well, or child state, and grows again complete.

Soul is a portion of man. It has the power to feel, to love, to be attuned to the best in ourselves, and in the Infinite. It is the blossom or the fruit of the whole completed life of man. Two men may be alike in mental power, but one may be almost wholly without moral sense. Morality is an attribute also of the soul, as mentality is of the mind, both aided by the body instrument become the completed man. Morality is the distinguishing trait of man. It may reverse and become immorality. These attributes are of the soul, which is not in animals. A moral or immoral beast would be incomprehensible. All spirits are a part of Deity, just as blood corpuscles are a part of a human body, red ones I might describe as thinkers, or active forces, and white ones as the passive, or elemental part, yet all circulate forward to perfected degree.

Each individual is placed in his proper environment, for best growth and development. I have a body, or a combination of soul, mind and attributes in complete harmony, to produce a spirit which is an individual differing from all others. I am advanced according to my capacity to do, and this advancement is a part of myself, and radiates from me, just as intelligence radiates from a wise man, and shows abroad to distinguish him from a fool; just as kindness shows abroad in a man to distinguish him from one who is vicious. I have things I like to do. I have things I wish to do. I have limitations, I am taught, and in turn I teach others. I am not cut off from individuals of any other order, but I have my interests and they have theirs, like to men of equal intelligence passing on a city street. I carry with me the engravings of my attainment. I go to what I admire, and am attracted to those who are interested along the same line. Spirit life is not so different from human life, except that as we advance we drop off limitations. We become more intangible as it were.

A spirit of the first sphere or order of human existence, after death is intangible to a living human one. A spirit of the second sphere is intangible to those of the first order, except it assume the first sphere conditions or limitations, and so on to the final perfection of exalted degree, where though they retain their individuality, they are dissolved into the body of the spirit of God, as it has been said, or become so God-like, that his wishes are their wishes in every degree. They have not limitations of action, but they have not wish to act, except in accordance with law, which is and must be perfect. They assist less capable spirits to attain, they assist such as I am, to aid living mortals, and discarnate spirits, to their own harmony, etc.

The wonders of God's great Universe are indeed beyond finding out. We have a means of being taught, which I might describe as projected pictures, from the land of the sure to be. I ask any question, and see the answer at once thrown on to the screen of my consciousness, in Symbology. This is a universal language. Our power to prophesy or know the future depends on our ability to read these symbols correctly. Clairvoyant humans have power at times, to sense these symbols.

In some of your past letters of enquiry, you have asked me in regard to evil spirits, etc. The deceptive spirits are as a rule misplaced spiritual powers, as fire, which is a blessing indeed to man in artificial environments, of northern climate, but destructive without our responsibility if set free. It is governed by exact laws, that must be followed or obeyed with care. Your lamp and your stove are devils indeed, but waiting an opportunity to destroy your home and you, one might say; but if properly managed they are blessings indeed to all men.

In mediumistic experiments these forces are not always balanced properly, if so they would revitalize the medium, as they do in the case of this instrument. (The Human-Psychic-Telephone.) In the case of J. B. Jonson they are exhausting his vital forces; and if he continues to give sťances he will die. Perhaps a protracted rest might enable his guides to learn how to provide for his better protection, I do not know. I do not know so much more than I did, when living, but I have added capacity to sense, and at my request in any line, I am kindly and carefully taught how to proceed. Sometimes I proceed along as a child would play a tune that it had been taught. At other times I proceed by repeating a record given to me, as one would play a pianola. In either case it is my act, but governed by my capacity to do. There are bands of spirits, like to the bands about mediums. Sometimes these bands of discarnate spirits, aided by elementals, invade weak-minded people, and produce peculiar or evil acts. Thus in suicidal mania, certain astronomy, or large spirits believe it is sad that a human soul or spirit must be kept in the limitations of life. They believe it desirable to set them free, that they may enjoy the broader life, and knowledge granted to discarnate spirits. If by accident or design, one of these becomes attuned to a weak or diseased mentality, it may suggest suicide, but the spirit that so does it is not a devil, instead it is a spirit that loves living men too much, etc. Sometimes elementals and men become fraternal, and change work as it were. A severe power of levitation's kingdom, accustomed to the exact execution of an elemental servant, is displeased, when a man is substituted in service, and fails in exactness of execution from his wish to know what the result of so doing would be, etc. In these cases the elementals in their efforts to protect their friend, the reasoner, place him in an ill man's body, and in trying to teach him, or divert the attention of the severe power from him, sometimes cause obsession, and other injury to humans; but this is not the result of an evil intention, but of a good intention wrongly placed.

A child sent for a wire might remove a wire from a piano, and so do great harm or damage, but it would not be to blame, if its judgment could not comprehend the harm done. So guardianship is extended all along the line. If a heavy vibration spirit, by artificial aid, is placed and left in wrong environment, we produce its comfort and return it to its element. Like to a fish on land, it could be kept in comfort in a small amount of water till it could be conveyed to the sea, its home. A man could be conveyed through the air, but could not of himself fly like a bird, etc.

Elementals and men combined, produce evil effects, at times. The law of the elemental is that it shall obey the commands of men. It is glad to serve men, in their bodies, and after they are freed by death. Its reward is in the service, and in being allowed to imitate the thoughts and acts of its chosen charge. Attraction and repulsion are not laws of all life, and all matter is life in a positively negative degree, or in a proper state or attunement, for growth and development of individuals, of animal, and vegetable forms, that perfect the geography of each sphere.

As you believe or think, I might say that the elementals belong to the sub-conscious portion of the God mind, and have in themselves only the sub-conscious power to think and act. Attempt to teach a child of three the principles of Geometry, and you will realize in some degree the limitations I feel in trying to give to yourself, a but slightly developed medium, an idea of that which is really outside of your comprehension.

Suppose I should describe the first three spheres like to ocean, earth and air. A fish to live on the earth must have water about it artificially for its comfort. A man might go down to the fish, but he must have air about him for his comfort. A bird might come to the earth to stay with the man, but to fly in the air is possible, while to the man it is not, etc. An imaginary large bird could carry a man from one point to another, but it must be sure and deposit the man on the ground, or in his native element, or the man would be, if left on a high tree, helpless and in trouble.

In Jonson's case of mediumship, he is not revitalized by his guides, and his spirit cannot of itself go to or gain this vital force. I may become like to your wife, May, as like to yourself, but neither of you can become like to me. The power to do so is in each of you, but it is not yet developed, or grown to your power to use.

God is good. All of the wonders of nature and spirit are good, and wonderful to the last degree, in utility and economy. We are all parts of the whole of God, as plants are parts of the landscape, but we each retain our own individuality, and we are protected and aided in our growths, and development. To die is not calamity, but to be cut off by death's law from loved faces, and soul communion, is a calamity indeed; but you who feel the withering of this great woe, are in a way assisted along the barren way, of these your after years, by belief and hope in continuity of life beyond the grave. I believe that this trouble is to you as the furnace in making the steel. It has shaped you into a proper instrument, to fulfill God's great purpose, and aid many to see even in slight degree, the smile of hope through the blackness of their woe. I like the name, Dawn of the Awakened Mind, and am told that good will follow in the wake that this your book will make. I love you and your work, and everywhere I can I will aid you to aid your fellow-man. I think the name Human-Psychic-Telephone is good. She is in truth an instrument of that kind. She is peculiar to herself in her line of power to do. I use her power to write, and so communicate with you. She is to me an instrument, just as the pen is to her an instrument. I cannot do without her aid, if I could I truly would, for I knew you were aware of this her power to write. I have at different times, and in different places, used such instruments as were at hand. I will continue so to do. I will also be with you, your life-time through, and after death has set you free, I still your guardian will be, to aid you to your harmony and to your future power to do, in after-life, allotted you.

Question 21, JSK. I appreciate most fully this opportunity which you have granted me, and thank you heartily for all that you, as spirit guide and aider, have done for me during the many years of your relationship to me, but now and more especially I thank you as a teacher, for the knowledge you have imparted regarding mind and thought and soul, and spirit and their attributes, as well as your special promises yet to be fulfilled; and for your permission to reproduce your views, as here and now expressed, as well as others of deep interest which are to follow to complete this special chapter. I therefore accept the privilege you afford me of further questioning, and will ask you to enlighten me regarding some psychical phenomena. Is it a transient body that is seen when you appear at a sťance; and is it made up for that occasion for purpose of recognition only?

Answer by HYPATIA. It is so done by spirit aids that come at wish of me. They come from the levitation Kingdom, or from the hall of record here. They see the picture we wish to show, and aid us so to do. At Jonson's they draw strength from you, but with this one (the automatic instrument) vitality is brought directly from below, and in the end she's rested usually, instead of feeling tiredness and woe. Much there is indeed, my beloved one, that you do not yet know, and when I try to teach you, I feel at loss indeed, for I must see the view of you, and limited my answer true must be.

Question 22, JSK. Do you and the other guides, as well as May, May Donna, and each of the loved ones who materialize and speak with me, have any part in producing individual transient forms ?

Answer by HYPATIA. We have a part in large degree. It is as if a ball of living clay was there, and it could sense us as free spirits, and instantly shape itself like living car which we propel with ease as we would use a medium. It has not expressed personality. It simply makes itself to us a useful part, and we need to do nothing with the art of body-making or retaining. We simply enter it, as easily as you would enter an elevator, or moving car, and instantly we see and touch, and are ourselves again, but when we disappear, another spirit comes the same clay to serve its purpose in its way.

Question 23, JSK. From what material is the transient body formed?

Answer by HYPATIA. It is produced from several substances at hand, which I cannot describe, or make you understand. Like to radium, it is co-existent in common substances, and yet when free is powerful in a large degree. So in all matter is balanced force in silent state, this is unbalanced in a proper way to make an image that will stay upon the consciousness of any human present. It is your radiation that we take, and like an artesian well, you are in ordinary life, but we with pump exhaust your pond of power, which later is developed for your use. It does no especial harm to you, but aids us greatly in the work we do.

Question 24, JSK. I presume to think the atoms of the transient body are all physical, but separate and invisible. If that be right how are they summoned into regularity, and apportioned each its appropriate place?

Answer by HYPATIA. In the case of atoms you err, for atoms are not physical, but are instead spirit or mind, that from its choice is negative or moves not in the least degree, just as you in a small degree would say, I will not move at all, but let another rule me all. This negative force is not negative, instead it is positive beyond all positive degree, by that I mean it is a positively negative force, that has for its beginning, minds completed by perfected growth. If they are ruled, they must be ruled by living men, not by discarnate spirits. So in case of materialization and de-materialization. These individuals of levitations land obedient are to some one individual in life like Jonson, by some decision or decree they say we will this individual obey, and will allow a slight digression of a natural law to be, so they record it and agree, and then if so is best, you know the rest and out of matter, matter comes like to the smoke upon a winter's day. It is not as you seem to think. This negative power to serve is capable of changing itself to a tube or wall so that vibrations cannot go at all, or may proceed in peace along the way. The minds I refer to, are astronomy powers, or developed mentalities perfected by ages of teaching and experience, they serve man's best development but they think slowly. If a medium is entranced it is one of these that requires it. It is a complicated study, but ultimate good for the whole, and for each individual as well, is their view and intention. If the stove, chairs and piano would persist in dematerializing or moving from your touch chaotic state would be resultant in a large degree, but law transgressed alone permits such things to be, and when it is allowed, a bondsman strong is with such action everywhere, to observe it in small detail, and keep all harm away if possible to stay. Now in the case of Jonson to be able to cause forms to show is his power, but he is exhausted and depleted there by it so the balance of power advises and suggests that he cease to use this peculiar, but not to his best development necessary gift. What he will later do I cannot tell, but he must for the present cease if he would after live in peace.

Question 25, JSK. I have other questions which relate to various matters of interest to me, which I may at a future time ask you, but at present date I will only ask a few, to which I would like response by you. What was it that you taught or said, that created enmity and incensed the mob to take your life at Alexandria?

Answer by HYPATIA. As I look back at life of me, lighted by knowledge here attained, I wonder at the zeal I felt, in teaching those about me to believe in things that men, now Christians say are true, but then were altogether new, to those not looking from my view. But one must judge each mortal from his education, and environments, as well as from his own mortal view of right. I was born and bred in Alexandria, in the atmosphere of Art and Culture, of the highest kind attainable in my time. In the museum or university presided over by my father Theon, I was taught to believe in the wonders and beauties of nature, as revealed to men through astronomy, aided by mathematics.

After, when I went to Athens, I became proficient in the plotonic philosophy, or rather the philosophy as taught by Plotinus and others. Plotonic teachings were to me acceptable in some degree only, so I became of the New Platonics, or Neoplatonic teachers, like the beliefs of modern men. Each great teacher, inculcating in his or her work new, or personal thoughts, became a practically new teacher, of a new thought. I believed that spirits could return. I was not afraid to boldly affirm, that the spirits could supply themselves with bodies, and even commix with frail mortality. This was my belief and came from my being gifted in large degree with mediumistic power to see and hear, and therefore know, that this philosophy was so. I read the works of all the thinkers of that early Christian day. I wished to discourage the belief of a personal God, and other forms as then taught by the early Archbishops. Cyril, an Archbishop of the Christian Church in Alexandria, in his zeal to carry out the work begun by his uncle Theophilus, who because of his cruelties was said to be in a compact with the devil, left no stone unturned in his efforts to remove all teachers or leaders of other creeds. My popularity among the students and people aroused his jealousy, and so he persecuted and murdered me. It was a severe and cruel age, but it was the same spirit that has caused more modern people to persecute, and execute the witches, or those gifted with peculiar or psychic powers. To be severe and cruel was the custom of the age in which I lived.

Question 26, JSK. Did you teach a new creed?

Answer by HYPATIA. I did not teach a new creed, but rather a modification or blending of those teachings that had been given forth by the thinkers who preceded me.

Question 27, JSK. Did you secure disciples from among the people who had been opposed to you?

Answer by HYPATIA. I had great influence over the students of the Museum or University of Alexandria, where my father Theon was teacher of mathematics, and later I was teacher of sciences, and philosophy. Many new ideas I had gained while at Athens.

Question 28, JSK. Did you know the contents of Kingsley's book named after you?

Answer by HYPATIA. I know of the work of fiction you refer to, as Kingsley's book. I do not know its exact contents, but have been told it is good, and has done good for the human race.

Question 29, JSK. Will you please define for me the foundation stones of your philosophy?

Answer by HYPATIA. The foundation stones of my philosophy were that God was unknowable, and unapproachable, and that from him proceeded by emanations or growth subordinate individuals or personalities.

Question 30, JSK . Is the special work in which I am engaged designed by you, and is it endorsed by the spirit world as a good to be, to all humanity, and why am I selected to be your medium?

Answer by HYPATIA. The special work in which you are engaged is to my taste, I alone did not design it, but since my earth life, I have sent out a continuous soul or spirit prayer for means to be given to me, of being useful to the living humans. You are the one I have selected in this age, because old credal prejudices, to many advanced thinkers are inadequate to their soul needs; and to you I have now reached from my advanced spirit plane, and am endeavoring to use you as an instrument to aid me in supplying this earth soul need. I have planned to use you, as an instrument, to aid me and others like to me, in our present attempt to supply this soul hunger, or thirst after knowledge, that may in truth be demonstrated to their personal cognizance. Your work is endorsed by me, and by the spirit world about me, as a stepping stone on the way to more advanced thought, and knowledge. It is, I believe, needed in this age. You were selected because you are capable, or adapted to the work of compiling and collecting, and presenting the truth, as gained by you along the way of your experiences. You have proper personal education, and position to command the respect of those who may differ from your judgments, and conclusions. Even the thorns of criticism will blossom beautiful indeed in this life you are in, and in your after-life, and like a crown they will uplift, not bear you down.

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