From Chimes psychic monthly 1949

Now! Materialization In Full View
By Owen R. Washburn

New Device Enables Possessor of Infra-Red Viewer To See In Total Darkness
Materializations And Trumpet Seance Phenomena May Be In Full View
Meet Test

During the recent war, American scientists enabled the armed forces to carry an instrument, on a rifle or elsewhere by which the waves of energy rebounding from an object made the image to appear in an eye piece of the instrument. With it our fighting men shot accurately in the darkest jungle night.

Those instruments, which the men who used them called "Snooperscopes, now to be known as Infra-Red Viewers, are not yet released by the armed forces, but the tubes used can be bought from the Radio Corporation of America, and drawings to enable individuals to finish the viewers are available.  The army instruments used direct electric currents, but drawings by which instruments with alternating current can be used are to be had.

J. Gilbert E. Wright, the research chemist who is one of the contributors of articles to CHIMES procured one of the tubes and built a duplicate to the viewer, adapted to use in a seance room. Other men of scientific ability are already interested in producing duplicates of the viewer.

With the cooperation of Iona Brandt, the widely known medium, among the best in this class of beneficent workers, Mr. Wright arranged for a seance under strictly test conditions. Mrs. Brandt volunteered to assist in this important work.

The test was made in the seance room at the Spiritualist Camp at Freeville, New York. Witnesses of unquestioned intelligence and reputation were present. These included Arthur Ford, Ethel Corbin of New York City, Edmund Rice, of Miami, a friend who was with Mr. Ford, William A. Smith of Johnson City, New York, and Mr. Wright who brought the viewer for use.

Mrs. Brandt went into the cabinet in the seance room, built to be fraud proof, and Rose Marie, a spirit gave a short talk. Then the Gardener light, used on such occasions was switched off and the medium was seen, with ectoplasm of a light grey color flowing from her and piling itself on the floor. The curtains of the cabinet were then closed and the ectoplasm, then intensely white, flowed between the partings of the curtains. The curtains were then parted, two of the persons present being stationed there and moving the curtains as the spirit guide directed. The guide was not seen but her voice was heard. The medium was in her chair. The guide then informed those present that the ectoplasmic mist rising, a half-transparent vapor, was the beginning of the shell which the invisible spirit would enter and adapt to the requirement of materialization manifestations.

Rose Marie requested that the curtains be parted, and two spirits, clothed in the ectoplasm provided, so they might appear to earth dwellers, were then seen. One was Rose Marie and the other a Dr. Carl. Each in turn talked with Mr. Wright and waved their arms, on request, to show their individual selves.

At this point Rose Marie, who controlled the light, switched on the Gardener light; the spirits having become invisible and Mr. Wright on invitation entered the cabinet. What he experienced there he has since reported and we quote his own words...

I was requested to enter the cabinet and feel the medium's hands. I could see quite well to do this. The medium's figure was clearly outlined. Her hands were like ice. I was asked to take her pulse but could find none in the left wrist but there was a feeble pulse in the right. I returned to my seat, and the curtain fell, Gardener light still on. Curtains again were parted and I was again requested to come forward. Rose Marie before invisible, was now beautifully materialized. She asked me to take her pulse. I could not detect any. Incidentally her hands were nearly as cold as the medium's. Ethel Corbin was now called forward by Rose Marie and she in turn was asked to detect a pulse beat. Mrs. Corbin reported that she did, and Rose Marie explained that she had now joined her right hand with the medium's left, and this act had caused the pulse action to resume.

After this the lights commonly used were turned out by the guide, the curtains were opened by her orders, and she, fully formed, was seen standing by Mrs. Brandt, who was now dressed in white ectoplasmic material.

The important fact as to this successful test, with test conditions, conducted with the cooperation of a materialization medium of unexcelled usefulness in demonstrating spirit appearances by intelligent spirits, is that every person present, each using the infra-red viewer in turn, saw all that took place in that room all the time. They saw, and editors, public men, the leading materialists who deny spiritualist demonstrations, may also see for themselves what goes on in seance rooms where spirits clothe themselves in visibility, speak audibly, and bring gifts from afar, as the viewers become common, the denial of the proofs of life after death and of the genuineness of spirit phenomena, will be left to those, who like the clergy who reused to look through the fist telescopes, refuse to look through the instrument. Mr. Wright, aided by Mrs. Brandt has now demonstrated the foundation proofs of the spiritualist religion.

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