From the book The Guiding Star

Writings made by visible full-form spirit materializations
through the mediumship of William W. Aber


A Typewriting dictated by J. W. DRAPER, as follows:

Over and over the question has been asked : Why is it that materializations do not take place in a bright light, except upon rare occasions ?

When we seek to understand why this is, the best answer we are able to obtain from those who have made many experiments is that the light of the gas jet, as soon as it is turned on, produces a marked and material change, not only in the eyes of the sitters, but in the essential conditions of everything in the room on which the light falls.

In the first place, it rapidly quickens the vibrations of all the visible and invisible particles of which the atmosphere of the room is composed, making the rate of vibration far more intense than when the room was in total or even partial darkness. It has similar effect upon the particles of every object in the room, no matter how solid such objects appear to the material eye.

The nearest anything approaches to being solid to us is one that has its minute particles closest together and moving with the slowest motion.

Thus, if we desire to pass a flower through a piece of wood, we must quicken the vibrations in the wood atoms to correspond with the rate of vibrations in the flower; and then we can easily pass the flower through what appears to you to be a solid object.

There is a substance which penetrates between all particles of matter, whether fine or gross; and this substance is able to penetrate all objects in the room, without having its own vibrations interrupted by their seeming solidity. It carries its vibrations through and through the sitters' bodies, and through and through the materialized bodies of the spirits.

When the sitters understand that this vibration goes on, whether it is light or dark, though the rate of vibration is different, they can understand that there must be something in them that is material which is affected by light, so that they may receive the color vibrations or sensations.

The quality of these vibrations is much affected by the harmony in the circle. Thus when a spirit form stands before you, its size and shape, and of course, color, are communicated to the eyes of the sitters by a change of vibrations in the atmosphere between their eyes and the spirit form. Thus the sensations produced are as much a part of the spirit form as the spirit itself, but is perceived by the sitters only, as it affects and is affected by the rays of light; that is, only as harmony is established between the vibrations of the materialized substance, the light vibrations and the vibrations of the sitters' eyes.

If a spirit form should touch any of the sitters, and the touch is cold, it shows that the particles in that form are vibrating much more slowly than the particles of the body of the person touched.

If on the other hand, as is often the case, that the touch of the spirit form is uncomfortably warm, it shows that the particles in the spirit form are vibrating at an exceedingly high rate.

The motion is invisible to the person touched, but it is not imperceptible; for the person can feel it, if not directly, at least he can ascertain the fact by comparison. At the point of contact, the particles of the person's flesh show, at once, a tendency to establish a harmony, or to strike an average of vibration with the spirit form.

If the spirit form has the slowest possible vibration, the nearest to what is commonly known as the actual zero, the beginning of the process, in striking an average of vibrations with the person touched, would mean the loss of all sensible motion in the part touched. It would become, at once, colder and harder than ice.

The music in the room produces a certain vibration in the atmosphere of the room, which, in its turn, produces a related vibration in the bodies of the sitters, and is made sensible to them by the ear. These vibrations affect each other as they harmonize. These effects are material in existence, but the laws of the varied vibrations are more thoroughly understood by spirits than by mortals.

But what the sitters usually forget in thinking of substances of all kinds is, that qualities are results of the forces which control them. Under the effects of this relation the objects in the room are as much a part of the sitters, and especially of the medium, as the flesh of their hands, in the same sense as the sitters are affected physically by the motion set up in their brains by the beating of their hearts. Thus, the world the sitters move in is, really, a part of themselves; and when they feel attached very closely to things animate and inanimate (earth terms), it is for the simple reason that the vibrations correspond.

The spirit chemist must establish such a correct average between the materialized spirit and the body of the medium, that the materialized spirit becomes a part of the medium for the time being; and these vibrations cannot be changed, suddenly, without a process almost equal, in its disagreeable effects upon the medium, as making him over again. Thus it will be readily perceived from the foregoing explanations that if, suddenly, the light in the room should be made stronger, the vibrations in the materialized form would change so rapidly that it would be impossible for the particles composing the materialized form to vibrate in harmony with the particles in the medium's body, and in most cases the results would be very disastrous.

The principle of materialization is simple. It is only the method of applying it that is difficult. We do not say that it is impossible to produce materialization in a white light, as we have experienced it, but it is best that all understand its great difficulty.

We feel that it will not be amiss for us to say that the chemist of this band is, without doubt, one of the most expert of spirit chemists. In fact, he is the best we have had the pleasure of meeting. He, almost instantly, thoroughly understands the average rate of vibration of any spirit or mortal that he is brought in contact with. It is through this wonderful gift that he has been able to accomplish the marvelous results he has accomplished in putting before the world matter direct from spirit hands.

(Signed) Draper