From the book Rending the Vail

Writings made by visible full-form spirit materializations
through the mediumship of William W. Aber

Psychic Writings of Thomas Paine

This spirit claims to be the Thomas Paine who stood as a true blue, with Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and the whole army of patriots, for American independence, and whose burning words under the caption, These are times that try men's souls, inspired the army out of mutiny and on to victory.

For no other crime than efforting to free the world from the hypnotic soul-bondage to sacerdotalism, the priesthood consigned him to endless hell; but when Dr. Briggs opened the doors to let John Calvin's children out, it seems that Thomas Paine slipped out also, and is back here again, battling the festering priesthood. And he hopes, by these efforts, to lead men and women out of soul-bondage into the bright sunlight of spiritual freedom and independence of thought. and desires that the reader shall duly consider all the evidences herein of the identity of this personality and genuineness of these alleged spiritual phenomena, and thus commence to prearrange for the great transition.

Writing No. 1
The Christian World Not Spiritual, But Material—Its Ideas of the Life Eternal Erroneous

Friends, there is not an orthodox religious newspaper in the world that will publish the facts concerning Spiritualism.

Yet, in the face of facts like these, certain Christians have told you that you must believe the Bible or be damned eternally.

The Christians are still worshiping a savage God, whom they suppose to be the parent of a merciful and benevolent son, who died to save the world; but the lingering superstitions of the savage mind still haunt their imaginations, and they regard every manifestation from the spirit world to be of Satan; but the conceit of their half-deluded minds is a striking comment upon the efficacy of their system to save themselves from the imaginary wrath of an angry God.

They are never at peace long enough to have a generation born free of the taint of blood and strife: and their religious tenets all reflect the mental bias of the people that have never conceived of any greater powers of peace and benevolence of men than that instilled by this angry Divine Creator.

This abhorrent doctrine is still taught in your temples of learning and ghastly symbols stand before your altars.

Think such people should be conceited enough to claim the final destiny of the human race to be at the disposal of their (angry) God is not surprising, for they have attempted to conquer and possess the whole earth as their personal possessions, and such minds are ever ambitious to be rulers in the world eternal.

The Christian world is not spiritual, but material; and its ideas of the life eternal are nearly all erroneous.

Writing No. 2
Spiritualism the Only Religion Not Invented—The Study of Theology the Study of Nothing

Friends, the only religion that has not been invented and that has in it every evidence of divine originality is Simon-pure Spiritualism.

It must have been the first and will probably be the last.

To give this belief the full opportunity of force, it is necessary that it acts alone in the capacity of Spiritualism.

The study of theology, as it stands in Christian churches, is the study of nothing; it is founded on nothing; it rests on no principles; it proceeds by no authority; it has no data; it can demonstrate nothing and it admits of no conclusion.

Not anything can be studied as a science, without your being in possession of the principles upon which it is founded; and, as this is not the case with Christian theology, it is therefore the study of nothing.

Writing No. 3
If Preaching Must Be Done, Let It Be From Texts Known To Be True

Friends, if you consider the nature of our condition here, you must see that there is no occasion for such a thing as revealed religion.

What is it you want to know? Does not the creation, the universe you behold, preach to you the existence of an Almighty Power that governs and regulates the whole? Is not the evidence that your creation holds out to your senses infinitely stronger than anything you can read in that book that any impostor can make and call the Word of God?

As for morality, a knowledge of it exists in every man's conscience.

The existence of an Almighty Power is sufficiently demonstrated to you, though you may not conceive, as it is impossible you should, the nature and manner of your existence. You cannot conceive how you came here yourselves, and yet you know for a fact that you are here.

If man must preach, let him preach something that is edifying and from texts that are known to be true.

Writing No. 4
Demonstration—Not Theories, Myths, Superstitions, and Manmade Creeds

What myths and what superstitions have sprung from the religious world. How it has cursed the race! Its pathway is written in blood, and it forges manacles for those who dare to question. Banish this God, and you will have liberty. Do away with the fables about an immortal soul, and the world will no longer be slaves to the fear of death.

You have had enough of theories and myths and superstitions. What you want is demonstration.

Friends, if mankind during all these ages had not been so amazingly narrow in their mental grasp, hiding, as it were, the universe by holding a single book too near their eyes; if they had dared to cultivate their reason and their spirit perceptions, they could have gleaned the rich things there are now being revealed here tonight—they would have omitted that which was false and immoral.

Writing No. 5
One Doctrine Alleged as Being Taught by Jesus is Literally True: The Doctrine of Future Life

Friends, examine your Bible and see the mass of confused and contradictory nonsense deluding as to the teachings of the one you call Jesus.

See the ridiculous light in which his character is represented, with qualities neither befitting a man or God, both of which he is represented to be; and his coming to the world in a most ridiculous and unnatural manner—assuming to have a mission which he never performed, to have power that he never exercised in defense of himself, or his friends; and also assuming to be sent to people who would not receive him, and preaching his mission to those to whom he was not sent.

And again, he proposes to be a man of peace, and that all mankind, by him, shall be blessed; yet he says that he was not sent to restore peace, but the sword.

If you will examine all of the writings of the New Testament, you will find them to be a compilation of his contradictory statements, predictions, absurdities, and mythical nonsense, too disgusting for good intelligent persons to read and give credence.

There is one exception I will make as regarding my statements, and that is the doctrine of future life for man. That is actually true, as I have found it since coming here into spirit life.

For eighteen hundred years the minds of men have been overspread with a gloomy, destructive superstition that has been entailed upon then.

The Christian dogmas have enveloped the people with the grossest and darkest of ignorance, and it has prevented them from making any advances—moral or intellectual.

And nearly all those who have endeavored to enlighten and liberate their fellow-men have been crushed out of the physical existence.

Bloody wars have deluged your earth in nearly even country, as the result of the damnable doctrines that have been preached to mankind in the name of Jesus Christ.

Writing No. 6
Why Does an Omnipotent God Permit Man Murders?

I wish to remind you of many things which I think should be done, not to augment my interests, but the happiness of the universal family of mankind.

In the first place, I earnestly desire to inform you that you are perfectly aware of an alleged Omnipotent Power with the disposition and habit of exercising the same at will.

You gaze upon the greatness of the earth, upon it: mighty waters, upon the glorious sun, upon the bright stars with which Nature has written on the skies; you look upon the wide spread family, and call yourself one of them!

But from that combination of books which the professed followers call Holy Word of God you learn that he is residing in heaven, and yet he is a jealous, avenging, and revengeful God! And from those pages you learn, also, that he is a perfect being, infinite in power, in goodness, in justice, in mercy, and in truth; and that he is omnipotent and omnipresent.

Pardon me, friends, if I make this too strong. If he is infinite in goodness and the other named attributes, why does he permit man murders, rapine and licentiousness?

If he is disposed to render justice, why does he permit the strong to oppress the weak and helpless? And thus to mar the form of humanity with prostitution and slavery? I ask you, good people, can you accept such an ideal as the God? To believe in the literal signification of this passage this description for many ages has been as one of selfish terror, and millions of human beings have been rendered miserable in the belief that they were destined to eternally inhabit that frightful pit; and not only has the Roman Church inculcated the doctrine of eternal punishment in the flames of hell for everyone who denies its requirements, but the majority of the Protestant sects have taught the same degrading doctrine, and it is thus particularly set forth in the Protestant Episcopal Church.

Faith no longer performs the miracles of the past. In the sunlight of the nineteenth century prayers were important, but they did not restore the dead to life.

The Only Infallible Bible.

The creation and its spirit and the human spirit is the Bible and the only infallible book. It rises into the knowledge of love, justice, and philosophy. There is not a single thing on your earth or world but invites you to read a divine revelation.

If you study a silken worm, you will get swept in the cycles of life. You commence with that silken worm and you study the laws of evolutionary growth; and, before you are aware of it, you are contemplating the everlasting genius of Nature.

Some one says: 'I do not see but your religion is simply science.' Certainly; science, philosophy, and spirituality. It points to every scientific exploration, every scientific discovery, everything in the world, as a divine law.